About Us


Musical group „Jezci“ is formed by students from 2nd faculty of Medicine in Prague in the Czech Repubic.

Main aim of the group is to sing and play for ill patients and clients of inpatient health and social services, mostly in hospices, departments of long-term care as well as psychiatric hospitals. Our target audience are adults, senior and children.



The first concert of the group under the name Motolice, took place 18.5. 2009, under the leadership of Anička Žlabová, M.D.

Jezci has been working for 7 years and performed more than 40 concerts. The group name commemorates the great Czech composer and jazzman of the 20th century - Jaroslav Jezek. His music was and still is the inspiration for the group.


Interesting projects are on the increase. The most successful performances are: W. Matuška lives, J.Ježek’s café, Suchy and Slitr, Czech Christmas Mass. (Concerts)



In 2014, our group was supported by the O2 foundation.

(Think Big Foundation)



We managed to record our first CD named Jezkomysl, which was created during our first musical tour Cestou necestou in Litomysl. Other great projects and CDs followed!

 (Orbis Musicus)



We have been preparing a repertoire of English compositions and we would like to use it in our hospice tour in southern England!!

Main idea

-> Create a music group of medical students who want to play for patients and share with them their joy of music


-> get closer to patients, not only on the level of the doctor-patient relationship, but also as human beings


-> be in solidarity with patients who feel in their illness alone


-> Create a basis of mutual trust and solidarity for students who want to develop in this spirit


-> the group name "Jezci" refers to the life of jaroslav Jezek who was our main inspiration source for founding a group